Psychic Surgery Investigated

This page explains what Psychic Surgery (also known as Faith healing) is and how I satisfied myself with this powerful healing technique.

My Discovery of Psychic Surgery

Jun Labo removes blood clots from Patrick's chest

Are you ready to believe in Psychic Surgery? I certainly was not.

With a technical background, I used to be very much left brain. Everything had to be logically and scientifically proven to me. If it could not be, I would disregard it.

Life was going to change me though. Back in July 1991 I was diagnosed with precancerous cancer of the Liver. Eventually Liver and Large intestines cancer materialized.

I thoroughly researched what modern medicine’s weapons were and, after much reading, I decided that alternative medicine would serve me better.

I decided to follow a Macrobiotic way of life to recover health. My choice was judicious as I am still alive today.

My illness got me involved in various forms of Alternative therapies and one of them is the weirdest of them all...

Psychic Surgery

I got involved when one of my Reiki healing students talked about Filipino Psychic Surgeons (Faith healer). I expressed an interest and asked him to call me when such a person visited Europe.

He called me May 1997, and I flew to Nice in the south of France to see this “Psychic Surgeon”.

I witnessed the impossible there and I was not prepared to accept it.

A man was using his hands to open a person’s body and he was removing stringy tissues, lumps, blood clots etc..

There has to be a trick I thought.

I walked around the couch looking for something hidden. Nothing!

I looked under the couch. Nothing!

OK, I thought, it has to be in his hands when he begins the surgery. I grabbed his hands as he was about to start the operation (not advisable). Nothing!

I settled down and watched.

Would a Magician Allow This:

Would a magician allow you to walk around his couch immediately before he performs his trick? NO.

Would a magician allow you to look under his couch just before his performance? NO.

Would you be allowed to grab his hands as he is about to start his trick? NO.

Could you stand inches from the couch and film his every movement? NO.

This “Psychic Surgeon” allowed me to do all this.

Jun Labo removes a massive tumor from a patient's abdomen. Too big to have been hidden from me.

Scientists Declare Psychic Surgeon Jun Labo Genuine

Jun Labo Meditates

One of the surgeons I recommend nowadays is Jun Labo. He is arguably one of the most gifted Psychic Surgeon in the Philippines with Laurence Cacteng.

Jun and Laurence work on all conditions including Cancer.

Actor Burt Lancaster and the following team of scientists traveled to the Philippines to investigate Psychic Surgery:

  • Dr Norman Shealy, a neuroscientist in La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Dr Elmer Green, Director of the Menninger foundation in Topeka, Kansas
  • Dr Alfred Stelte, a German physicist and chemist

Their conclusion is in the film below.

The video is unfortunately of poor quality but the message given by Burt Lancaster and the doctors is clear.

What Visitors To The Philippines Say

Below is one of the comments on  Testimonial webpage.

Wendy - (Nova Scotia, Canada)
I had psychic surgery from Jun Labo three years ago (2011).

I was diagnosed with an advanced aggressive breast cancer, and traditional medicine felt my only course of action was to take chemotherapy and radiation with the hopes of shrinking the mass enough to do surgery in the hopes of getting me 6 months.

I had been made aware of Jun Labo by the most miraculous of coincidences, and so off I went to the Philippines.

I knew on some level that I was meant to heal through alternative methods and this was my first step.

Jun has amazing powers to heal. He removed many tumors from my breast along with all the streamers that were traveling to other parts of my body.

I then changed my lifestyle by eating macrobiotic, cleansed my body of toxins, and did some emotional work that needed to be looked at.

I am here 4 years later (2015), healed of my cancer, and did all of it without the use of chemotherapy, radiation or traditional surgery.

Patrick was my guide to Jun, and my counselor in macrobiotic eating and cleansing. He is extremely capable and knowledgeable.

Jun Labo is the real deal.

He has a powerful gift, and while it may seem to defy all known science, that does not negate the fact that he is doing psychic surgery at the highest level.

This was the most life altering experience I have had to date.

Many more testimonials from previous visitors may be found on this web page.

Chances of Success

I have been accompanying group to the Philippines since the end of 1997 and I never cease to be amazed by the results Psychic Surgery obtains.

When people combine Psychic Surgery with removing the causes of their disease as I advise in my Macrobiotic Consultation, they stand a good chance of recovery.

My own statistics are that over 90% of people who make the necessary changes and have Psychic Surgery have reported improvements in their condition.

Psychic Surgery on its own has good successes but not as good as when the root causes of the illness is also addressed.

My Organized Group Trip To The Philippine

I have been organizing trips to the Philippines to visit Psychic Surgeons since 1997.

I believe I offer the best package for the following reasons:

  • I know what triggers a disease and I can knowledgeably advise people as to what to do if sick. I have guided hundreds of people back to health.
  • I book safe and reliable hotels in prime locations.
  • I organize flawless transport to get you to your destination.
  • I believe I am cheaper than other organizers when comparing like for like on what I offer

My Next Trips

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