Psychic Surgery & Lungs, Brain, Liver Cancers

What Happened During A Recent Group Trip:
1- The Surgery

Laurence operates on patient's backLaurence operates on patient's back

Psychic surgeon Lawrence Cacteng worked on this gentleman who suffered from metastatic cancers in the lungs, liver and left brain twice a day for five days. Progress soon became evident. The pain that this man had felt on the left side of his head and eyes (due to the tumors) disappeared after a few days.

This gentleman also had a cough every night (due to the tumors in his left lung) that prevented him from sleeping well and regaining energy.. This also had a negative impact on all the family members affected by the coughing noise. Lawrence gave this gentleman a simple root remedy that after a couple of nights allowed this gentleman to breathe properly and eliminate his cough.

Laurence announced that the progression of the cancers was stopped on day 3. The cancer was not spreading anymore. The tumors that remained would be reabsorbed by the body in the next few weeks.

2- The Consultation with patrick

We respect your anonimityWe respect your anonimity

I, Patrick,  gave this gentleman a very thorough consultation explaining why some of the food that he was eating had been keeping his cancers alive and even feeding them. He had believed that his diet was good (like most of my cancer customers) but soon realized that he had been making many mistakes.

I also advised him on drinks, cooking methods, cooking utensils, supplements and many other aspects connected to his diet.

I worked on his emotion and advised on four highly effective methods to help him be more positive. Emotions are very important. Negative emotions can encourage the development of diseases. Positive emotions help boost the immune system and fight disease. A strong immune system is the only way to beat cancer.

We talked about the products that he used on a daily basis. I recommended the use of new toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, etc..

I also advised on the safe, non-toxic, products that can be used to wash clothes, clean dishes, wash windows, etc.

Finally, I looked at this gentleman's lifestyle and advised on some simple exercises to help blood and lymphatic circulation. This gentleman did not drink alcohol or smoke.

I questioned this person at the end of the trip to find out about his progress. He was indeed extremely satisfied. Once again he was able to breathe properly. He felt he had more energy, he was much more positive about his recovery (important).

This is an amazing recovery considering that modern medicine had given up on this man. It is to be noted that he had refused surgery, chemotherapy and radiations.


If you are currently suffering from cancer, heart problems, diabetes or any other degenerative condition do not leave it too late to seek healing. The earliest a disease is treated, the better the chances of recovery.

Visit Psychic Surgeon Laurence & Have a Consultation with Naturopath Patrick:

Group Trips - This is the trip I recommend as it is better structure, and cheaper when everything is considered.

When near Laurence it includes:

  1. Patrick gives you a one to one consultation to explain why you got sick and guide you back on the path to recovery
  2. Patrick stays with you for the whole week and gives three lectures to explain "why you got sick and what to do to recover long term health".
  3. Hotel accommodation near the healer
  4. Standard hotel breakfast or a plate of local fruits
  5. Lunch with Patrick
  6. Return transport from Manila to near the healer (about 5 to 6 hours each way)
  7. Some sightseeing
  8. Return transport morning and afternoon to visit Laurence for treatments

You pay Laurence €700 for his treatments.

There is no point receiving powerful healing from Laurence if you go back to your country and carry on making the same mistakes that caused your disease in the first place. The disease would come back (logical).

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