Psychic Surgery - Last Minute Offer

Jun Labo removes toxic waste from patient body

Due to a last minute cancellation, I am offering a 10% discount on my Psychic Surgery trip to the Philippines to receive treatments with world famous surgeon Jun Labo.

If you suffer from a disease that modern medicine cannot help you with, this is an affordable chance to see famous psychic surgeon Jun Labo and benefit from lectures that will explain why you got sick and what to do to recover long term health.

  • Participants will meet in Manila on August 13 and leave on August 20
  • 10 treatments will be given by Jun Labo
  • Normal price is 995 Euros per person or 1,395 Euros for 2 people sharing a room. This is discount to 895 Euros and 1,245 Euros
  • Price includes 6 days accommodation near Jun Labo, breakfast, lunch and 4 lectures on how you created your diseases and what to do to recover health

If you are unwell, DO NOT MISS

Full information here.

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