Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. 

Through Patrick Laurence offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines. Contact us, and we'll let you know if we can help.

Is This Happening To You?

  • Have you been diagnosed as having cancer, heart disease, diabetes 1 or 2, a stroke?
  • Are you suffering from autoimmune, Lyme, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure?
  • Has modern medicine failed to cure you?  

Are you ready to try something less invasive, something with a proven track record tested by hundreds of thousands worldwide over many years? 

Extract From Customer Feedback

Unyong and mother. Free from aches and pains

"After less than a week of treatments, my mother and I both found us moving parts of our bodies, searching for the aches and pains that Laurence (psychic surgeon) had treated, but that we had nursed over months and in some cases, years. These aches and pains had disappeared."

Full Feedback here

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Psychic Surgery, How Does It Work?

Psychic Surgeons are gifted healers that have been blessed with the ability to completely melt or remove cysts, tumours, calcium deposits, pus, energy blockages, etc… from the body using their bare hands.

They can also help with other serious diseases from the heart, liver, adrenal, thyroid, etc…

They can also supply you with a massive dose of healing energy that is powerful enough to fight your disease(s) and boost your immune system.

Only a handful of Philippines healers can do this.

Do Psychic Surgeons Specialize?

Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng operates on Lady's backPsychic surgeon Laurence works on patient

Unlike what has happened in modern medicine, Psychic Surgeons do not specialize in any disease.

They channel their guide(s) during the operation, and it is this powerful spirit that does the work.

The spirit simply proceeds to tune the body, remove blockages, and presents unwanted matters at the surface of the body.  The healer pick these up and bins them.

How Long Is A Treatment?

A genuine Psychic surgeon will only work on you a few minutes. 

  • No anaesthesia
  • No scalpel cut 
  • No stitches
  • No side effects from a pharmaceutical drug 
  • No long recovery period.

When the surgery is finished, the body will close and no unsightly scar will be visible.

You will be able to get up seconds after the treatment finishes and resume your daily activity.

You may feel a bit tired after your surgery, and it is normal.

What Conditions Can Be Helped?

It does not matter what you suffer from. The surgeon's guide is the one doing the work.

It does not really matter what your health problems are. As explained above, it is the surgeon's guide(s) that does the work.

If the current guide cannot deal with a specific illness, a gifted psychic surgeon will simply "call" another guide to do the work.

Check this list of diseases we can help you with.

Finding A Genuine Psychic Surgeon

Philippines Psychic Surgeons are unique in the way they work and in the positive healing results that they can achieve.

Having said this, the Philippines have more psychic surgeons than any other country.

Be careful: more than 95% of self-proclaimed healers are fakes. They are just magicians who give true healers a bad name.

As for the magicians who appear on TV claiming that Psychic Surgery is not real; these showmen have never cared to visit the Philippines or investigate a genuine surgeon. You can ignore them.

Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng

Laurence Cacteng is an amazing psychic surgeon. He has many years experience, and this is reflected in the positive results he invariably gets.

I like Laurence who not only can perform powerful Psychic Surgery operations, but also recommends herbal medicine if the client's condition requires it. He is the only surgeon I know who does this.

This beautifully complement my Group trip lectures when I teach in depth how we get sick and what to do to recover long-term health.

Patrick, Your Tour Organizer

I have been accompanying groups or individuals to the Philippines since 1997.

I was diagnosed in July 1991 with cancers of the Liver and Large Intestines.  My condition was incurable according to modern medicine.

I turned my back on standards treatments and cured myself using natural medicines and eventually psychic surgery.

Lockdown Restrictions

Due to the current lockdown in the Philippines we are unable to visit any psychic surgeon.

If you are unwell, I suggest that you visit this page for help.

check our trips modalities or prices and book

Full info on the GROUP trips here.
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Full info on the INDIVIDUAL trips here.
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Feedback From Previous Visitors

Tell us about your psychic surgery treatments

Did you benefit?

Patients Testimonials

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1- Advanced breast cancer. 2- Hashimoto thyroid Treatment withLaurence: Laurence operated on me once in the morning and once in the afternoon for 10 days. …

Kath Blyth 
Kath was cured from breast cancer and the worst case of endometriosis an expert surgeon had seen with psychic surgery and Patrick's recommendations. …

Usha Kiran 
My name is Usha Kiran Iam a cancer patient with my last cancer 93% aggressive I had 3 surgeries first my breast being removed In my first surgery I …

Brain Tumor + Many Aches And Pains 
"My mother accompanied me when I told her that I wanted to go to the Philippines for special energy healing over a week's time. We were both familiar …

Lungs, Liver, Left brain Cancers 
Patrick’s notes: This visitor suffered from cancers in his lungs, liver and to the left side of his brain. Tumors were also spreading towards his large …

Having been sent to Lancaster for another mammogram check 5 years ago. I was told I had a shadow/mass on my right breast. I had already booked to visit …

Dale Bull 
Just over two years ago, I had conventional surgery for torn rotator cuff (shoulder muscles and tendons tear). This gave me a lot of pain and took a long …

Wendy Banting 
I had psychic surgery from Jun Labo three years ago. I was diagnosed with an advanced aggressive breast cancer, and traditional medicine felt my only …

Pierre Gevaert 
About 30 years ago I came from Belgium with my wife and two other person to be treated by Jun Labo. My problem was the heart. When mounting the stairs …

Corinne B 
My amazing journey into the world of bare hand surgery began in August 2004 when on a trip to the Philippines with Patrick I was first diagnosed with breast …

Mike Cook 
Patrick organised a trip for me to have surgery, and his kindness and professionalism is unparalleled. He is a walking encyclopaedia of how we should …

Ellen Albrecht Not rated yet
I went to Manila in February of 1975. I had 19 openings made on my spine which had deteriorating osteoarthritis Our group stayed at the Bayview hotel …

Laura Calderon Not rated yet
Thank you so very much for this amazing trip. I felt Laurence was a blessing beyond words. It was mindblowing to witness his level of healings. The …

OFER Not rated yet
Met few people randomly in Laurence clinic. 1 American who got cured from terminal heart issue and a Dr. from middle east who got his colon cancer reduced …

Vance Covington Not rated yet
Patrick, I really think you did a great job keeping me informed on where we were to meet in manila and at what time you would be there all of which went …

Rakesh Kumar Not rated yet
Psychic surgery with Patrick and Lawrence I had the pleasure of experiencing two weeks psychic surgery with Lawrence Cateng and lectures pertaining to …

Sorin B. Not rated yet
Hi Patrick, It was a real pleasure to meet you and listen to your story and lecture. Psychic Surgeon Laurence Cacteng is a real gem and his work is …

C.M Not rated yet
Having healed himself of a life-threatening disease, Patrick is extremely passionate about conveying these same benefits to those who come to see Laurence …

C.M  Not rated yet
On our first day of treatments Laurence greeted us outside his home / practice. It felt like a great blessing to be in the presence of such purity, kindness …

Geoffrey Not rated yet
I went to the Philippines to see Jun Labo with my partner who had problems with her hands caused by some of her fingers permanently contracting and bending, …

Sandra B.  Not rated yet
Baguio, Philippines is a trip I will never forget! I had four large tumors removed from my cancerous breast, and even larger tumors removed from my …

Brigitte B. Not rated yet
What I can say for good is that the stay and the treatments with Jun Labo had an extremely good impact on my health. I feel much much better physically …

Mark S. Not rated yet
I have been involved in healing for some years now and it is the most amazing thing that I have ever witnessed. With Bare hand surgery the healer enters …

Ray S Not rated yet
I came into contact with Patrick after having spoken to a guy called Mark who had previously seen Jun in Baguio. He had simply gone over to try and …

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Kezziah Zukas Not rated yet
I traveled with one of Patrick's tours to the Philippines to experience and study bare hands surgery. I am a homeopath and Reiki practitioner and I saw …

David Mark  Not rated yet
Hi Patrick, Thank you spending your time with me and sharing with me your thoughts to how to lead a healthier lifestyle. I am going to turn off toxin …

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