Ray S

by Ray S
(United Kingdom)

I came into contact with Patrick after having spoken to a guy called Mark who had previously seen Jun in Baguio.

He had simply gone over to try and understand the phenomenon called Jun Labo, he came back having been cured of some serious asthma that he had since childhood.

I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years earlier and I felt a trip to have treatment from Jun could be very beneficial.

Mark showed me some videos of treatments of himself and a few weeks later we travelled together on Patrick's trip to the Philippines for a 2 week stay.

Quite a long trip, but the destination was well worth the effort, the hotel sits alongside the beach by the lovely China sea and the staff were very happy and friendly. The trip was very professionally organised by Patrick and all the groups got along very well.

The treatments take place once a day and last less than 2-3 minutes and apart from a slight scratching feeling are completely painless.

Jun took from me an apple sized calcium deposit and removed several lengths( 9 or 10") of sort of stringy tissue from my groin area which he said was the start of the cancer spreading, also he worked on both eyes in one session which he said I was forming cataracts- there is a history of this in my family.

On returning to England I waited about 2 months, as Jun said the treatments would still be working during that period my psa blood test showed a significant drop from the last test.

As a result I have been back twice more with Patrick and experienced good health since then.

It is my experience that once treatment from Jun has taken place responsibility for your own diet and life style must be looked at very closely, because although Jun can remove diseased and damaged body parts, the disease can come back if the cause of the problem is not dealt with.

I have found that the advice by Patrick on diet is invaluable and should be taken into serious consideration

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