ready-made consultations

The following is a list of consultations Patrick wrote for previous customers.

If you suffer from one of the diseases listed below, you can download the consultation advice at a considerably reduced price.

Table of contents in alpha sequence

Diabetes Type 2

  • the real causes of diabetes explained (no, the pancreas is not the main culprit)
  • what organs needs to be cleaned to start fighting your illness
  • a list of foods that you should eat to speed up your recovery
  • a list of foods you should avoid and the reason why (you'll be surprised)
  • herbs and supplements to help you recover health
  • how to effectively remove toxic heavy metals and other poisons from your body
  • products to avoid in your home
  • and a lot more...

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Without support €50
With 1 support call €70

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Your all important diet

99% of people who had a consultation with me (Patrick) told me that they were on a good diet. Virtually ALL were wrong. Their diet partly caused their disease.

This consultation is not just about diet. It also contains advice on how to clean your liver, remove viruses and bacteria from your intestines and liver, how to restore the correct bile production in your liver, how to efficiently remove toxic heavy metals from your body, how to restore the hydrochloric acid production in your stomach

It tells you what foods allow viruses and bacteria to grow and causes inflammation in the body, and can cause cancer, autoimmune diseases.
And a lot more...

Find out what they don't want you to know about the food you eat.

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Without support €30
With 1 support call €50

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Breast Cancer

It is amazing that the medical establishment still insist on treating cancers with Chemotherapy (3% success rate), radiation (causes cancer), and surgery (only necessary if the tumour blocks the function of an organ).

There are very precise reasons why you get breast cancer, and unless you remove those you will never get rid of your breast cancer.

  1. You have a virus in your liver and breast that is encouraging the cancer to grow.
  2. Your diet is wrong and helping the virus to proliferate.
  3. You have toxic heavy metals in your body feeding the virus.
  4. You have lots of other environmental toxins in you.
  5. Furthermore, you suffer from quite a bit of stress.

All the above need to be removed to regain health. Find out how with my consultation.

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Without support €50
With 1 support call €70

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