Reflexology Video

Reflexology Video €12.95

Our Reflexology Video demonstrates, with spoken explanations, a full Reflexology Foot Massage as taught in the UK to strict government standards.

It is available as a download and you could be watching it in a few minutes

Watching this video, you can easily learn how to perform such a massage yourself and help your partner (it will draw you closer.) friends and family by giving them a treatment.

Here is a short extract (the music does not play on the full video):

Reflexology Video Content

In this Reflexology video I demonstrate how to safely and effectively give a full 40 minutes foot massage.

I start with some relaxation strokes and move on to the reflexology points around the head area working on each of the 10 toes in turn.

Treatments to all parts of the body are shown, including all major organs such as the lungs, liver, heart, stomach, spleen, pancreas, large and small intestines, kidneys but also to the spines, elbow, knees, reproductive system for both men and women, lymphatic, etc…

I give explanations about the points I work on. At the end of the video, you will find a section on contra indications (when not to massage). This is duplicated below:

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology Footchart

The entire body is mapped on the feet. When specific points are stimulated, it sends a signal to the corresponding organ to "fix" itself.

You can for example...

  • help get rid of a headache by massaging your big toe
  • reduce or eliminate menstrual pains 
  • work on a shoulder that is giving you problems
  • reduce stress (stress plays a very destructive part in breaking down the defence mechanism in the body)
  • give a sense of well-being
  • encourage elimination of toxins
  • balance and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • promote natural healing
  • etc... the list is endless

Can reflexology cure everything?

Can This Method of Healing CURE Everything?

Unfortunately, NO. There is a reason why you get sick and the only way to get rid of a disease is to remove its causes. To accomplish this, you need to do several things.

  1. Remove certain foods from your diet so you no longer feed viruses and bacteria in your body.
  2. Increase your consumption of certain foods that can attack and eliminate the above 2 potential killers.
  3. Use some herbs or supplements to increase the cleaning of your body.
  4. Critical: Clean your liver. This is where viruses prefer to reside, grow strong, and make you sick. A weak liver will cause problems with your intestines, and all other organs in your body.

If you are not sure how to do this, ask Patrick for some help. He has helped thousands recover health with his advice. See some testimonials here.

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