Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino Psychic Surgeon. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. Through Patrick, he offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines.

Patrick Hamouy - Cured himself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991. Author of several books on how to recover health using the power of foods & herbs. Patrick has helped thousands recover well-being through his internet health consultations, and lectures.

Reiki Attunement

If you are wondering what a Reiki Attunement is or would like to perfectionate your attunements skills, this page is for you.

If you already are a Reiki Master and would like to purchase a Movie showing the proper attunements sequences, you've come to the right place.

Reiki Master Attunements

This video demonstrates in details the attunements to ALL Reiki levels. 

It shows the traditional Reiki attunements as per Dr Mikao Usui's method and also the Usui Tibetan methods of attunements. 

A total of 7 different initiations are explained in great details.

It can be used by new or existing Reiki Masters to brush up on their attunement methods. 

Our Video Will Demonstrate The Three Reiki Attunements

  1. Attunement for Reiki One
  2. Attunement for Reiki Two
  3. Attunement for Reiki Masters

Our Video Will Demonstrate The Four Reiki Tibetan Attunements

1.  Reiki Tibetan attunement to Reiki level One
2.  Reiki Tibetan attunement to Reiki level Two
3.  Reiki Tibetan attunement to Tibetan Reiki Master
4.  Tibetan attunement to Tibetan Master 

Why So Many Attunements?

Patrick was initiated as a Reiki Master by William Rand in September 1994

Traditionally, I believe that there were only three pure Reiki attunements.

However, my Master "William Rand" also taught us a Tibetan method to initiate students to Reiki.

Having tried both methods, I have found that the Reiki Tibetan approach was more powerful.

Reiki Attunement For Pure Usui Reiki One

There are four attunements to Reiki one.

Some Masters, to attract students, teach both Reiki one and two in one weekend and only give one attunement for Reiki one. This is not correct.

Learn Reiki properly, you will not regret it on the long term.

Reiki one allows you to treat "hands on".

You need to be able to touch the person to give them Reiki. There is no need to wait for Reiki two to help others. Your healing is already powerful.

You can give yourself a treatment with Reiki one.

Reiki Attunement For Pure Usui Reiki Two

Only one attunement is necessary on Reiki two.

Reiki two is used to give the students a mean to send Reiki at a distance.

Three symbols are shared with the students on this course:

  • Distance symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN
  • Power symbol CHO KU REI 
  • Mental/ Emotional symbol SEI HE KI

Click here for an explanation on these symbols here.

Reiki Tibetan Attunements

These attunements are similar to the Pure Usui Attunements, but in addition they use the two Tibetan symbols described above.

I have been using this method of attunement on my students since 1995 as I have found it more powerful than just the Pure Usui method.


Demonstrates in details all steps necessary to attune students to all three levels of pure Reiki Usui. It also does the same for all four levels of Reiki Tibetan attunements.

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