Reiki Attunement

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Reiki Attunements

If you wonder what a Reiki Attunement is or would like to improve your Initiations routine, this video is for you. Our films explain through visual examples the three pure Dr Mikao Usui's methods of initiations and  the four Usui Tibetan methods of attunements.   Running narratives and captions will help you quickly master the routines.
If you already are a Reiki Master and would like to purchase a Film showing the proper attunements sequences, you've come to the right place.

Patrick Hamouy
Patrick was initiated as a Reiki Master by William Rand in September 1994

Traditionally, I believe that there were only three pure Reiki attunements. However, my Master "William Rand" also taught us a Tibetan method to initiate students to Reiki.
Having tried both methods, I have found that the Reiki Tibetan approach was more powerful.

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Reiki Music

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€9.95 Reiki Meditation
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