Reiki Hand Positions

Books and Masters do not agree on Reiki hand positions. 

What is important, when treating a person, is that you position your hands on all parts of the body that need to be treated.

For example, if a patient has a problem with his/her wrist, position your hands over the wrist (although this is not illustrated here in this web page).

Each position should be held for approximately three minutes.

An easy way to time yourself is to use our Reiki with Tibetan Bell music that warns you every three minutes, with the beautiful sound of the Tibetan bell, that it is time to change position. 

If you are new to Reiki, you may also like our Reiki With Instructions Music that verbally informs you every three minutes where to move your hands.

You can however stay on a position as long as you feel you need to, then move on to the next position. This may mean staying in the same position for a long time. 

Reiki Hand Positions For Customers

Position 1

Hands are together, fingers are closed and placed over each ear.

Position 2

The hands are positioned on top of the head

Position 3

The hands may be lightly positioned directly above the eyes (i.e. touching the skin), or if preferred about 1 inch above

Position 4

The hands are cupped over the throat area. No pressure on the throat please.

Position 5

The hands are positioned just below the neck area.

Projecting healing to the chest.

Position 6

The hands are positioned above, but not touching, the chest.

Position 7

The hands are positioned just below the chest.

Position 8

The hands are positioned over the abdomen

8B - Another position would be to have your hands floating above the reproductive area to give healing to the uterus and ovaries or prostate and testes.

Position 9

The hands are positioned over the knees.

Although not illustrated here, feel free to treat the thighs if needed.

Position 10

The hands are positioned above and below the feet

One foot is treated then the other

Position 11

The hands are positioned on the top of the head with the patient now lying face down

Position 12

The hands are positioned on shoulder/neck

Position 13

The hands are positioned below the shoulder blades

Position 14

The hands are positioned mid-back

Position 15

The hands are positioned lower back

Position 16

The hands are floating over the buttocks

Position 17

The hands are positioned at the back of the knees

The feet have already been treated on position 10

Supplementary Reiki Hand Positions


You may work above the patient’s body at any time if you do not wish to touch them (or they do not want you to touch them) or you cannot touch them because of wounds, burns etc...

Working on the aura is also good for emotional problems.


One hand is positioned just below the neck area and the other just above the sacrum.

This position is used to balance the Chakras.

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