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Reiki Healing Symbol: CHO KU REI

CHO KU REI - The Power SymbolCHO KU REI means "Put all the power of the Universe here"

This symbol is also known as the Power Symbol. It is arguably the most powerful of the Reiki healing symbols. 

The top horizontal line (1) of this
symbol represents the Male
energy of the universe (called

The line coming down (2) represents the energy going to the earth. It can also be the spinal column.

The spiral (3) represents the Female energy of the Universe (Shakti or Kundalini).

The spiral column touches the spinal column seven times. Once for each Chakra.

The spiral rotation (3) is anti- clockwise. This is the direction followed by the Universal energy coming to earth. 

What Is CHO KU REI  Used For?

This Reiki healing symbol may be used to reinforce the energy when treating "Physical problems".

To activate, just draw the Power symbol and say its name three times.

Visualize it covering the part of the body to be treated or the back of your hands.

CHO KU REI Reinforces Your Healing Powers

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Use the following method to reinforce your healing if you find that Reiki is not flowing as well as it should:

Carry on drawing and repeating the name of the Power symbol until the required level of Reiki has been reached.

Before starting a treatment, you may also draw this  Reiki healing symbol in your hand and clap them three times. This will energize your hands and make your Reiki stronger.

You can also draw the power symbols on each of your Chakras. This is powerful.

Drawing the power symbol on the sole of your feet grounds you.

You can help people by just saying the name of this Reiki healing symbol when you meet them or draw it on them or draw it on your hand and shake their hand.

CHO KU REI To Seal A Reiki Treatment

At the end of a Reiki treatment, you may also seal the treatment with the Power symbol. This means that the energies you have passed on to your patient will not disperse.

The energies will stay for hours and sometimes days after the treatment.

CHO KU REI For Protection

You may also draw this Reiki healing symbol on the front of your body. This will empower your body and simultaneously protect you against any negative vibrations.

CHO KU REI To Clear A room

Draw CHO KU REI on each corner in the room and also on each wall, ceiling and floor repeating the name of the Power symbol 3 times each time

You may use the power symbol to protect or bless a room.

To achieve this, stand in the middle of the room and draw this Reiki healing symbol on each corner in the room and also on each wall, ceiling and floor repeating the name of the Power symbol 3 times each time.

You may simultaneously say a silent prayer, such as "I clear this room of negative energy" (repeat three times), or whatever is appropriate for what you wish to perform.

CHO KU REI  & Projects

The power symbol may also be used with the Distance symbol to increase the amount of vibrations assigned to a project.

Everything and everybody is made of vibration. By writing down our project and drawing the Distance and Power symbols on the piece of paper, we can increase the vibrations assigned to the project by Reiki-ing the piece of paper regularly.

One example of empowering a project was made clear to me a while ago...

A property I owned in England had been vacant for a period of one year. Several people had come to see it; some had expressed interest in moving in, but nothing was happening.

One party even got solicitors going for four months intending to move in, but to no avail, the premises remained empty.

One day, just before I showed some new prospective tenants the property, I set out early. The property had been vacant for a long time and the energy flowing in it was stale and not very engaging.

I decided to try to better it and first proceeded to open all windows and doors to get some fresh air in. Then I went into each of the rooms and drew the Power symbol on all corners, walls, ceilings and floors.

I repeated the operation in each room.

When this was finished, I felt the energy in the whole building had changed. It was lighter and much more inviting.

The people came, looked at the premises and moved in a couple of months later.

Coincidence or luck, I hear you say. Knowing Reiki, I believe this Reiki healing symbol helped change the energy of both the premises, and that of the visiting people (and most likely mine as well).

CHO KU REI & Objects

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Other uses of this Reiki healing symbol may be to temporarily charge a car battery. This is done by drawing the Power symbol on the car battery and doing Reiki on the battery for a few minutes.

Try it, you will be amazed. Reiki affects the water molecules. Scientific study in the United States has proven that Reiki decreases the surface tension of the water.

In a battery, you have chemicals that interact. If the surface tension of the water is less, it is easier for the chemicals to interact and generates just that bit of power necessary to start the car.

The Power symbol may also be used to fix watches. I fixed a few watches that had stopped working.

It will also prolong the life of the batteries.

One of my friends who is a Reiki Master uses Reiki on her cassette player whenever the batteries are low. She claims it allows her to carry on playing her tapes until she eventually buys new batteries.

CHO KU REI With Food And Drinks

Reiki the food prior to eating it to clear negative energy

You may also use this Reiki healing symbol on the food or drinks you consume. This will allow the release of the negative energy that is present in the food.

It can also be used to treat tap water before drinking it. Try it, you may find that water that has been Reiki-ed tastes better than water that has not been treated.

This however, is not the limit of how to use this powerful Reiki healing symbol. These are only some ways we have found the Power symbol could help.

Experiment and find new ways.

Reiki Healing Symbol: SEI HE KI

SEI HE KI - The Mental / Emotional symbolSEI HE KI means "God and humanity become one".

Left Side = Left brain: Logical, practical This Reiki healing symbol is often referred to as the Mental/ Emotional symbol.
Right Side = Right brain: Intuitive, artistic

The meaning:

SEI Blossoming state Deeply hidden things The origin of the outer form

HE Deserving attention, balancing

KI Energy, life force

SEI HE KI is divided into two parts: 

The left side is mainly angles and lines representing the left brain which is the logical side of our brain.

This is the side that we use on a day-to-day basis.

The right side is mainly curves. This represents the right side of the brain which is mainly intuitive, artistic etc…

This Reiki healing symbol balances the right and left side of the brain.

SEI HE KI & Emotions

This symbol is primarily used to heal negative Emotions.

It works mainly outside our body on the aura. This is where the energy is concentrated before being absorbed by our body.

Most illnesses, many believe, are first present in the mind (on the emotions) before they enter the physical body. By working on these with the Mental /Emotional symbol, you may prevent the illness becoming physical.

This Reiki healing symbol will work with any type of emotion such as fear, jealousy, hate, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, etc...

It will also heal illnesses induced by negative emotions such as tension headaches, neck problems (pain in the neck), lower back problems, stress, etc…

SEI HE KI To Filter Bad Vibes

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The Mental / Emotional symbol is excellent at filtering bad vibrations from other people who are very negative towards you.

As such it can be used as a form of psychic protection.

To use the symbol, just draw the symbol around yourself and say a silent prayer, such as "I protect myself from the negative energy of others" or "I am protected by divine love and wisdom from negative energy".

Should you wish, you may also add the Power symbol to the Mental/ Emotional symbol. These two together will be very effective to neutralize negative energies from others.

A simple meditation to protect yourself very effectively, is to imagine a cocoon or bubble surrounding you. On this, you visualize the Mental/ Emotional symbol and the Power symbol moving around this shape.

This technique will effectively protect you against negativity from other people. Use it when having an argument with somebody. It will filter the bad vibes and allow you to deal effectively with the person.

SEI HE KI & Memory

This Reiki healing symbol may also be used to help your memory.

Say for example, that you have forgotten the name of a person. In this case, place your hand on your head (if possible) and draw the Mental/ Emotional symbol in your mind.

Ask to be reminded of their name in the next 2 minutes. Reiki "may" help you to remember the name of the person.

This of course may be used for anything else, such as lost keys, events, etc...

To work effectively, you must relax after you have drawn the Mental/ Emotional symbol. Forget about what you are looking for. Reiki will access the information for you and make it available.

This can also be used to help you learn something. Say you are studying for an exam. What you want to do is draw this Reiki healing symbol on your notes or your study book. Reiki will help you absorb the material you wish to learn.

Use it when taking exams. Just draw the Mental/ Emotional symbol on the test. Our brain never forgets information that it is given. When using the Mental/ Emotional symbol, Reiki facilitates the access to the information that is already stored.

It makes it available to you when needed. When learning something, you may also draw this Reiki healing symbol on yourself whilst you are listening to your teacher. The information will be easier to retain that way.

SEI HE KI & Relationship

SEI HE KI may help a relationship (or not)

The Mental/ Emotional symbol may also help a relationship.

It will help solve problems and bring them to a more harmonious conclusion. This Reiki healing symbol will balance the relationship.

It is, however, impossible to control a relationship with Reiki. For example, you may like somebody and would like to have a romance with them. Reiki will not help you do this.

However, should the person also be attracted to you, Reiki will make the communication between the two of you more harmonious.

In the same way, if you try the Mental/ Emotional symbol on an existing relationship, and that relationship's destiny is to break up; Reiki will actually help the relationship to break in a more gentle way for the best of both parties.

If the people are supposed to stay together, then Reiki will help them appreciate each other more.

SEI HE KI & Affirmations

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An affirmation is something that we repeat to ourselves on a frequent basis.

This can be a goal, cutting out unwanted habits or acquiring wanted habits, etc…

The way to do this is to write out our goal and draw the SEI HE KI on the piece of paper. Reiki the piece of paper as often as you can whilst visualizing the Mental/ Emotional symbol. This will empower your goal.

When trying to heal unwanted habits, it will help to Reiki the piece of paper if you are about to sin (say before having a cigarette if you are trying to give up smoking).

This will send energy to the part of your nervous system that needs it to help you with your goal. It is crucial that you have a genuine desire to change your bad habit for Reiki to successfully help you.

If you do not sincerely want to change, Reiki will not help you.

Reiki Healing Symbol: HON SHA ZE SHO NEN

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance SymbolHON SHA ZE SHO NEN: "The Buddha in me reaches out to the Buddha in you to promote enlightenment and peace".

This Reiki healing symbol is the one transmitted by Mrs. Takata (see Reiki history).

This is used to send Reiki to somebody at a distance. The person may be in the same room, a different room or even in another Town or Country.

Distance is no problem. You could even send Reiki to a being on another planet if you knew how to identify them. 

Sending Reiki to somebody may be performed in different ways:

  • Use a picture of the person 
  • Write the name (and address) of the person on a piece of paper

If using these methods, hold the picture or paper between your hands, draw the Distance symbol on it, repeat its name three times and send Reiki to the person.

Two more methods:

  • Visualize that the person you wish to send to fits between your hands
  • Think of the person (Face, name, address, etc...) 

If visualizing, draw the Distance symbol mentally or physically with your hand. Say the name of the symbol three times and send Reiki to that person. This will be sufficient to start Reiki flowing to that person.


Use Teddy to send healing

Another way to send distance treatment is to use a Teddy bear or a pillow or whatever object you wish to represent their body.

Draw this Reiki healing symbol on the object and say the name of the Distance symbol three times and say, "I wish the Reiki I am doing on this object to be directed to ...".

You can then Reiki the object with all the symbols and hand positions as if you were treating the person.

With a bit of experience, you may even pick up sensitive area on the object.

These would correspond to imbalances in the organs of the person you are healing remotely.


Some Reiki teachers recommend that you use your leg to treat somebody on a Distance basis. The problem with this is that sometimes you will pick up some of their symptoms in your leg.

I, therefore, do not recommend that you do this.


On one occasion, a friend of mine rang and told me about her father who had a horrible headache and asked me if I could send some Reiki straight away.

Unfortunately, a customer was awaiting treatment at the time and I just could not delay their treatments for 10 or 15 minutes.

Instead, I wrote down the name of the person on a piece of paper, drew the Distance symbol on it and expressed the desire to have Reiki sent to that person. Hoping this would work. I then attended to my customer.

A few hours later, I had a call from my friend who said that her father was well impressed. He had felt warmth striking him a few minutes after the call and within half an hour the headache had gone.

How Long Should You Send For?

Basically, as long as it takes. The treatment may last 5, 10 minutes or even one hour or longer.

With a little experience, you should be able to sense when the treatment is finished.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN Sending To The Future

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This is useful, for example, if you have to take a test, or you are going for an interview.

What you can do is send this Reiki healing symbol to the event ahead of time. This will be stored and will be given to you at the date and time you specified.

To do this, write down on a piece of paper the date, time (if known) of the event, briefly describe the event, specify the location if you know it.

Next, draw the Distance symbol, and say its name three times. Add the Power and Mental Emotional symbols and Reiki the piece of paper. Reiki will be given to you when you need it.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN Sending To The Past

It may be helpful to send Reiki to Past events.

You may, for example, have had a very traumatic physical or emotional event in the past that is still blocking you until now.

To do this, write on a piece of paper the (approximate) date of when the event happened and briefly described the event.

Draw the Distance symbol on the piece of paper, say the name three times and Reiki the piece of paper.

Reiki will help release the negativity around the event and create harmony.

You may also send Reiki into past lives if you wish.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN Send To Spirits

Send Reiki to the Spirits

You can send Reiki to people who have just died to help them with their transition to a better world (as this may be rather traumatic for some people).

The Distance symbol can also be used to help earth bound spirits that do not wish to complete their transition to the other world.

The way to do this is to send Reiki to the spirits using the Distance and other two symbols and then say a silent prayer calling your highest Reiki spiritual guides and angels and asking them to come and assist the person to go to the light.

By doing this, you are not using your energy, or powers. You are using Reiki and higher spiritual guides or angels to perform the task.

Remember, this is not a competition between you and the lost spirit. You are not actually doing the work yourself; your angels and guides are.

To resume, the process is in two parts, part one you use the Distance symbol to make contact. Part two, you call your Ascended Guides to help the spirit make his or her transition.

It is a good idea to protect yourself with the power symbol before starting this. Draw the Power symbols in front of you and on all sides, on your back, head and feet so that you are surrounded.


Write down your goals on a piece of paper, draw this Reiki healing symbol on it and say its name three times.

You may also wish to add the Power and Mental /Emotional symbols to that piece of paper to help.

As you Reiki the paper, the energy will go to the part of your nervous system, and to the people, involved with the project and will help you to achieve your goals.

If the goal is not good for you, Reiki will let you know that this is so and will stir you in a different direction.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - Do You Need Permission To Send?

If the permission can be obtained, YES.

However, sometimes, it may not be possible to ask the person's permission.

Maybe the people are too far away and not contactable, or they have just been in an accident or in a coma, etc…

If for any reason, it is impossible to contact the person, I would recommend you ask your Guides (or the persons' higher self) if it is OK to send Reiki to the person.

If you feel the answer is positive send Reiki, otherwise abstain.

It is to be kept in mind that you cannot harm with Reiki.

If the persons' sub-conscious does not want Reiki for whatever reason (they may need their illness to see their grandchildren, etc…) then, it will refuse Reiki.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN & Medical Treatment

Reiki may improve a person's condition and this means that they may not need to take as much medicine as they used to take.

It is best for your client to liaise with his or her medical practitioner, so they can check their progresses.

Never ask people to stop or change their Medical treatment.

I would suggest that when treating people, you use a disclaimer stating that you are not Medically trained and that you encourage people to see their doctors for any illness they have.

If you (or they) are in doubt, ask them to confirm with their doctor that they can receive Reiki healing. I have never had a Doctor refuse it for the simple reason that most do not believe in healing.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - Sending To A Group Of People

Send to a group of people

It is possible to send Reiki to a group of people.

You need to gather either Name, addresses or pictures of people that you wish to send Reiki to.

Put the information in a box or in an envelope, draw the Distance symbol on the container, also use the Power and Mental / Emotional symbol if you wish.

Say the name of the symbols three times and Reiki the container.


Beaming Reiki to a client is done by standing a few feet away from the person so that you are positioned outside their aura.

Draw the Distance symbol onto your patient and say the name three times, then direct your hands towards them. Imagine that you are directing laser beams at whatever part of their body that needs treatment.

You may also guide the energy mentally or with your eyes. Beaming will treat the aura and the physical body.

This is quite useful as most health problems will first be in the aura before they enter the physical body. By doing this, you should be able to prevent certain illnesses from developing. 

Further explanations on the use of the Reiki healing symbols may be found here.

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