Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino Psychic Surgeon. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. Through Patrick, he offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines.

Patrick Hamouy - Cured himself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991. Author of several books on how to recover health using the power of foods & herbs. Patrick has helped thousands recover well-being through his internet health consultations, and lectures.

Reiki Manuals

A Reiki manual is essential for proper learning.

If you have studied Reiki with another master, and they have failed to provide you with a good manual, do not despair, they are on offer here.

Reiki Manual For Level One

This Reiki one manual contains the following:

  • Complete history of Reiki. Including the two stories about Dr. Mikaomi Usui 
  • Reiki Ideals explained
  • 21 days self-treatments Why is it important 
  • How does Reiki work?
  • What can be treated?
  • Working on plants and animals
  • How to give a treatment?
  • Treating serious ailments
  • Self Treatment
  • Scanning a person's body
  • Working on the aura
  • Hand positions treating self
  • Hand positions treating others

Reiki Manual For Level Two

This Reiki two manual covers the following topics:

  • How do the symbols work?
  • Where do the symbols come from?
  • How to activate the symbols?
  • Full explanation on the Power Symbol CHO KU REI
  • Sealing a treatment
  • Protection
  • Clearing a room of bad energy
  • Working with projects, ideas, etc...
  • Working on objects 
  • Working on food and drinks 
  • The Mental Emotional symbol SEI HE KI
  • Working on Emotions
  • Filtering bad vibes
  • Helping your memory with the Mental Emotional symbol
  • Working on relationships
  • Good and bad habits
  • The Distance symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN
  • Sending to the future
  • Sending to the past 
  • Sending to spirits 
  • Sending a spirit to the light 
  • Reiki for goals 
  • Do you need permission to send Reiki?
  • Sending to plants 
  • Sending to a group of people 
  • Beaming

Reiki Manual For Masters / ALL 3 Manuals

This is the Masters manual. It contains a lot of invaluable information not found in any book.

  • When to start attuning others
  • A review of Dr. Mikao Usui background
  • Reiki Alliance, Reiki Association and Independent Reiki Masters
  • Reiki Stories
  • Comparing Reiki two symbols - why are they so different?
  • What happens during the attunements?
  • Who are these spirit guides who attend the initiations?
  • Why does Reiki sometimes work better on others than self?
  • What to do if Reiki does not heal the person?
  • The cause and development of diseases explained 
  • Your health is like a bucket
  • The healing crisis 
  • Dr Mikaomi Usui Master Symbol 
  • A meditation to work with projects 
  • Western Psychic Surgery explained 
  • Antahkarana symbols 
  • The two Tibetan symbols - Serpent of Fire and Tibetan Master symbol DAI KO MIO
  • Attunements - different techniques - Pure Usui attunements and Tibetan Reiki attunements 
  • Hui Yin point 
  • Violet breath 
  • Usui Tibetan attunement to all levels explained 
  • Distant attunement 
  • What to teach on Reiki one
  • What to teach on Reiki two
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