Reiki Manuals

A Reiki manual is essential for proper learning.

If you have studied Reiki with another master, and they have failed to provide you with a good manual, do not despair, they are on offer here.

Reiki Manual For Level One

$7.95 Reiki One Manual$7.95 Reiki One Manual

This Reiki one manual contains the following:

  • Complete history of Reiki. Including the two stories about Dr. Mikaomi Usui 
  • Reiki Ideals explained
  • 21 days self-treatments Why it is important 
  • How does Reiki work?
  • What can be treated?
  • Working on plants and animals
  • How to give a treatment?
  • Treating serious ailments
  • Self Treatment
  • Scanning a person's body
  • Working on the aura
  • Hand positions treating self
  • Hand positions treating others

Reiki Manual For Level Two

$7.95 Reiki Two Manual$7.95 Reiki Two Manual

This Reiki two manual covers the following topics:

  • How do the symbols work?
  • Where do the symbols come from?
  • How to activate the symbols?
  • Full explanation on the Power Symbol CHO KU REI
  • Sealing a treatment
  • Protection
  • Clearing a room of bad energy
  • Working with projects, ideas, etc...
  • Working on objects 
  • Working on food and drinks 
  • The Mental Emotional symbol SEI HE KI
  • Working on Emotions
  • Filtering bad vibes
  • Helping your memory with the Mental Emotional symbol
  • Working on relationships
  • Good and bad habits
  • The Distance symbol HON SHA ZE SHO NEN
  • Sending to the future
  • Sending to the past 
  • Sending to spirits 
  • Sending a spirit to the light 
  • Reiki for goals 
  • Do you need permission to send Reiki?
  • Sending to plants 
  • Sending to a group of people 
  • Beaming

Reiki Manual For Masters

$12.95 Reiki Master Manual$12.95 Reiki Master Manual

This is the Masters manual. It contains a lot of invaluable information not found in any book.

  • When to start attuning others
  • A review of Dr. Mikao Usui background
  • Reiki Alliance, Reiki Association and Independent Reiki Masters
  • Reiki Stories
  • Comparing Reiki two symbols - why are they so different?
  • What happens during the attunements?
  • Who are these spirit guides who attend the initiations?
  • Why does Reiki sometimes work better on others than self?
  • What to do if Reiki does not heal the person?
  • The cause and development of diseases explained 
  • Your health is like a bucket
  • The healing crisis 

ALL 3 Reiki manuals

Reiki Manuals to all 3 levels$14.95 Download Reiki Manuals To ALL Three Levels & Save $14
  • Dr Mikaomi Usui Master Symbol 
  • A meditation to work with projects 
  • Western Psychic Surgery explained 
  • Antahkarana symbols 
  • The two Tibetan symbols - Serpent of Fire and Tibetan Master symbol DAI KO MIO
  • Attunements - different techniques - Pure Usui attunements and Tibetan Reiki attunements 
  • Hui Yin point 
  • Violet breath 
  • Usui Tibetan attunement to all levels explained 
  • Distant attunement 
  • What to teach on Reiki one
  • What to teach on Reiki two

My Three Reiki Manuals Available for Download





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