Reiki Meditation

The Different Meditations Offered:

  1. Meet Your Reiki Guide. A powerful meditation steering you to meet your Reiki guide.
  2. Drift to gentle Music with a Tibetan Bell informing you every three minutes to move your hands to a different position
  3. Same as the above meditation but instead of the Bell, you listen to relaxing Music with a gentle spoken reminder to inform you where to move your hands to.

Abandon Control To Your Right Brain

Let your right brain do the work - stop thinking logically

The right brain is our intuitive brain. It is used for Reiki Meditations, intuition, painting, singing, and anything that does not require complex analysis.

The left brain is our logical brain. It is the one we use when making a “rational” decision.

It is our calculating brain. We use this side of our brain when we analyse something and use facts and figures to try to reach a decision.

Reiki - The most frequently asked question

Can This Method of Healing CURE Everything?

Unfortunately, NO. There is a reason why you get sick and the only way to get rid of a disease is to remove its causes. To accomplish this, you need to do several things.

  1. Remove certain foods from your diet so you no longer feed viruses and bacteria in your body.
  2. Increase your consumption of certain foods that can attack and eliminate the above 2 potential killers.
  3. Use some herbs or supplements to increase the cleaning of your body.
  4. Critical: Clean your liver. This is where viruses prefer to reside, grow strong, and make you sick. A weak liver will cause problems with your intestines, and all other organs in your body.

If you are not sure how to do this, ask Patrick for some help. He has helped thousands recover health with his advice. See some testimonials here.

1- Reiki Meditation To Meet Your Reiki Guide

$9.95 Reiki Meditations. Meet Your Reiki Guide

If you are a Reiki practitioner our first Reiki meditation to "Meet your Guide" is recommended to finally allow you to communicate with this powerful healing spirit.

Knowing who he/she is will make your Reiki more personal.

You are no longer on your own when you give healing, you can talk to your guide. 

You have met him/ her and know who he/ she is.

Familiarity with this mighty spiritual being will increase your confidence in Reiki and make your treatments more powerful.

Reality Or Imagination

One of the most difficult things when one starts trying to develop the right side of the brain and successfully complete a Reiki Meditation is to trust what we hear, see or feel.

Often, I am told by students that they thought it was their imagination that made them see, hear or sense their guide.

My answer to this is: “so what?” It does not matter.

You may get things wrong a few times but as you develop your imagination, eventually, you are more likely to communicate with your guide.

So go along with it even if you think it is your imagination.

Personally, I believe that even though you feel that you've made it up, your guide will have influenced you to "see or hear" something, and it will not be all imaginations.

Don’t worry about it. Accept whatever you sense, and you will meet your guide. Reject it and you will be stuck.

This belief that our imagination is getting in the way is the major factor in preventing our progress.

We must be more trusting of what our instincts are telling us. The more we let go, and allow ourselves to be open, the quicker we will connect to spiritual guidance.

Do not dismiss your intuitions; be aware of all your senses, and you will be pleased with the results.

2- Tibetan Bell Sound Every Three minutes

$9.95 Reiki Meditations. Gentle Tibetan bell sound every 3 minutes

Students love this extremely popular Reiki music.

It allows you to completely relax when giving a treatment to a client or when self treating.

It plays a gentle, relaxing music for One Full Hour. 

It allows you to drift away and enjoy your treatment.

Every three minutes you will hear the beautiful sound of a Tibetan bell to remind you that it is time to change hand position.

3- Reiki Music With Instructions

$9.95 Download Reiki Music With Hand Position Instructions Every Three Minutes

A soothing Reiki music with Instructions. It is a great way to relax when treating yourself or others.

No need to concentrate, you can let go.

Every three minutes, a soft voice will whisper in your ear where you should move your hands next.

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