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Archangel Raziel is Patrick's guide who helps him during his consultations. Raziel is the closest angel to God. He hears everything that God says. Raziel is helping Patrick recall knowledge he accumulated from past lives as a teacher and healer.

Laurence Cacteng is a gifted Filipino Psychic Surgeon. He is documented as having cured 10,000s patients over his long career. Laurence channels Jesus. Through Patrick, he offers treatments at his healing centre in the Philippines.

Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a crippling disease that baffles modern medicine. Currently, no effective cure is offered.

People suffering from this condition find it difficult / impossible to sleep as they have the urge to move or scratch their legs. This condition is more common at night, but it can also strike during the day when the person is trying to rest or to have a nap.

Most of the time this condition affects the legs, but it can also affects the arms.

If you suffer from this condition, I can help you.

The true causes of restless legs

  1. When the sciatica nerve gets hot, it can give you restless leg syndrome. This increase in heat is triggered by a variety of the Shingles virus. A temporary remedy is to put a cold compress at night on the sciatica nerve, and a hot compress in the morning (see image). 
  2. When the legs are itchy or ticklish forcing a scratch - but you cannot reach the itch as it is not on the surface of the leg. This is also caused by a virus of the Shingles family.
  3. Another trigger to the Restless leg syndrome is when the Shingles virus inflames and swells the nerves in the lower back. This displaces the discs, and as a result some nerves are affected and send a signal that the legs need to be moved or scratch.
  4. When the brain encounters a heavy metal deposit, such as mercury, and tries to find a way around it. When this happens nerve signals go wrong and are sometimes sent to the legs to cause this condition. This only happens when a certain part of the brain is used when trying to relax or sleep. During the day, when you are working, different parts of the brain are used and this condition does not occur.
  5. Restless legs can also be due to the intestines when food moves through an inflamed colon, and it causes gastritis. When the gas moves, it hits inflamed parts of the intestines that is covered with nerves. These nerves will in turn send a signal that you need to move or scratch your legs.
  6. The liver can also be the cause of restless legs. When you have many toxins in your body the liver gets overwhelmed trying to filter them. These toxins can be from your diet or from the following toxins that are invariably present in our body: mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals, plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc..
    All these are present in our environment and impossible to avoid. 

I can help you

If you suffer from the restless leg syndrome, I can help you. As we have seen above, this syndrome has four possible triggers:

  1. Shingles or other virus problem - the most likely cause
  2. Heavy metals in the brain
  3. A toxic Liver
  4. Inflamed Intestines

My consultation to cure your restless leg syndrome

  1. I will explain the best way to remove the Shingles virus from your body using foods, supplements, and herbs.
  2. Using special vegetables, fruits, and herbs I will show you how to effectively remove toxic metals from your brain.
  3. I will explain how to clean your liver using certain foods, supplements and herbs so these no longer cause this condition.
  4. I will explain how to flush out toxic deposits from your intestines. Once again I will only use certain foods, supplements and herbs.
  5. I never use harmful chemicals as mother nature has provided everything I need to effectively cure this condition. No side effects.

What Is Needed For The Consultation?

  1. An Internet connection so we can talk & see each other using either the free WhatsApp (on your cell phone), or Skype (on your computer) communication system, or Messenger (from Facebook). .
  2. I can give you a comprehensive one to one consultation wherever you are in the world.

If you want to speed up your healing

To speed up your healing, come and see us in the Philippines and receive Psychic Surgery treatments from surgeon Laurence Cacteng.

Laurence has been documented as getting rid of all types of diseases that currently baffle modern medicine, including restless leg syndromes.

We offer group trips, or individual trips.

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