Rheumatoid Arthritis

This illness is classified as an Autoimmune disease. To find out about those please click on the movie below

The medical establishment tells us that Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is our body attacking itself (autoimmune disease).

There is no way that our intelligent body was created to "attack" itself. This supposition is wrong! Our immune system is only trying to protect us from a more damaging attack.

It will take modern medicine many more years to understand the real causes of this condition. I need you to keep an open mind to what I am about to say as this is the real cause of RA, and there is a way to successfully treat it.

Rheumatoid most commonly affects the hands and the feet and causes pain. Eventually, bones and joints get damaged. It can also lodge itself on nerves, skin, eyes, mouth, lungs and heart.

What Is Really Happening..

Rheumatoid arthritis like any other so-called "autoimmune diseases" is caused by the incredible amount of deadly toxins we are exposed to daily, and by a virus that feeds on them. 

These toxins are constantly present in our environment. They enter our body from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink (or other chemically flavoured drinks). It is impossible to avoid these poisons, but it is not impossible to control them or to remove them.

What Really Needs To Be Done

What must be done is to remove the "deadly foods" that allow this virus to develop and grow. Among other diseases, this virus is responsible for cancers so it is of the utmost importance that it is eliminated from your body.

The "deadly foods" that this virus feeds on come from our bad / chemical loaded diet, mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminium, nickel, cadmium, etc… And other toxins such as plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc…

DDT, Fukushima & Chernobyl radiation, Nagasaki & Hiroshima poisons are also still present in our atmosphere.

It is extremely difficult to be healthy nowadays, and this is why statistics tell us that one in two will get cancer. Statistics also reveal that in the next 20 years there will be a 70% increase in cancers.

Mercury: One Of The Most Toxic

Mercury, and other deadly toxins, are in the air we breathe and impossible to avoid. Mercury is present in the sea, and when water evaporates it moves from the sea to the atmosphere, and it rains back to earth. All vegetables, fruits and animals are then exposed to it (even organic products).

Mercury was prescribed as a medicine for many years. If you were unwell, your doctor would give you a mercury drink. It was considered a cure all (it was more a "kill all"). What this means is that our ancestors have passed on mercury from parents to child, and most of us had it in our body when we were born.

Spirits have given me a list of foods and herbs to use to completely remove these, and I can share this information with you. 

Remove These Deadly Toxins & Kill EBV

If you suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis or one of the other diseases that the Epstein Barr or other virus causes, you need to have a consultation with me.

During your consultation, I will devise a diet to exclude EBV's favourite food, and give you recipes based on fruits, vegetables, herbs and supplements to gradually flush this virus from your body and help you recover health.

Book a consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy


The consultation will last up to two hours face to face on the internet + about three to four hours for Patrick to tailor your recommendations before your chat. You will get a full written report on what to do + 1 month support after the consultation.

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