Sandra B.

by Sandra B.
(Tulsa, USA))

Baguio, Philippines is a trip I will never forget!

I had four large tumors removed from my cancerous breast, and even larger tumors removed from my belly.

My healing from Jun Labo was PAIN FREE. He was so kind and gentle. He knew I was also interested in healing others, so he let me help remove one of my own tumors from my belly! It was also pain free.

Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. Someone even videotaped my healings each day for me.

Patrick Hamouy has a great deal of patience for what can be an emotional trip for people with cancer. He was so helpful to me before, and even after the trip.

He took us to see unique sites in and around Baguio. The seaside excursions were my favorite. The beach is not far away, and so warm to swim in!

I felt completely safe with the group, and much lighter on so many levels after the healings.

I have stayed with my healthy food choices that I learned from Patrick, and continue to have plenty of energy!!

Almost an unexplainable mind bending experience for someone looking for a different form of healing on this planet.

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