Sandra W

by Sandra W
(Uxbridge, England)

I am very grateful to Patrick for his advice with my macrobiotic diet on Skype.

I had a consultation with Patrick a few years ago for a lymphatic condition which cleared up thanks to his macrobiotic recommendations.

Because I was feeling so much better I started eating less strictly and I developed a chronic cough and backache.

I consulted Patrick again and he made several adjustments to my diet. He also recommended more sweet vegetables, Lotus root drink for my lungs and Ginger compress for my kidneys.

After the consultation I followed the diet quite strictly and my cough is almost completely gone and my backache has also greatly subsided.

I enjoy preparing the macrobiotic meals even if it is more time consuming than eating ready made foods.

Our health is our most valuable possession so it is worth all the effort.

Many thanks to Patrick for his knowledge and expertise.

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