Simon S

by Simon S

Since I have received Lawrence treatments and I am following your dietary advice I feel good.

Concerning my mom she is also following the diet and felt much better even her tongue improved a lot. In total she feels much better than before (Mum had pancreatic cancer with metastases in other organs).

What did I think of Lawrence as a person? Well he is an outstanding warm hearted and exceptionally gifted person who I got to love in the way in this very short period of time.
I love not only the depth of conversation you can have with him but also his humor which makes him even more special. That also includes the way he is treating. It's rather complete and always feels good.

I am still taking medication but will on a short run reduce that as well.

In regards to the individual health conditions I am taking your advice serious. Meaning I am in the middle of heavy metal detox with hopefully the follow up of those ingredients you mentioned. Also I eat all the greens on a daily basis. Even though you sent me food recommendations via WhatsApp I am still at this moment kindly requesting for you to send The individual treatment plan for my mom and me via email. I am very sure you still have that on your computer since we discuss that during your lectures in the hotel.

Patrick I just want to let you know once again that I am really sincerely grateful for you forewarning your fundamental life experience regarding not only dietary lifestyle but also all the other importance hints like EFT and so on.

Once again I want to thank you for what you've done and I'm happy for every euro I spent on that.

Send my love to this beautiful country and to your family.

Take care


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