Naturopath Patrick Hamouy cured himself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in July 1991. 

Author of several books on how to recover health using natural methods. Patrick has helped thousands recover well-being through his internet health consultations.

Patrick specialises in guiding clients with various cancers or autoimmune diseases towards recovery. He clearly explains the causes of the disease and what to do to recover health.

A health consultation with Naturopath Patrick & Archangel Raziel

  • Patrick cured himself of  liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed back in July 1991.
  • He cured himself after studying Macrobiotic medicine at the East West centre in London UK. He used the healing power of foods and herbs, read hundreds of books on alternative medicine, and attended hundreds of health orientated courses.
  • Today, Patrick gives consultations guided by Archangel Raziel to people all over the world using the internet. 
  • Patrick understands cancers well and his advice is invaluable to those who suffer from this disease. He has also helped many customers with autoimmune diseases, and other so called "incurable illnesses". 

Raziel and Patrick success rate is very high when their recommendations are strictly followed.

International author of over 100 books, and world-renowned psychic practitioner Cassandra Eason reports: 

"Patrick is  connected with ancient wisdom and the Archangel Raziel who is said to have given the book of wisdom. More and more, from old worlds he  recalls old healing practices relevant today. He trusts these insights for in past worlds as a teacher and healer he has spanned many cultures and bit by bit the knowledge is flowing back. 
This is the lifetime when Patrick can make a difference."

an extremely Powerful Healing method

The advice Archangel Raziel gives is decades ahead of modern medicine. His information is pure. It is untampered by pharmaceutical companies, and stock holders who are mainly interested in profits.

Basically, what Archangel Raziel is saying is that our medical establishment is in darkness about many diseases. But, he knows better.

See the list of maladies I have been guided by Archangel Raziel to help you with at the bottom of this page.

Archangel Raziel Says: "Food & Herbs Are Your Most Powerful Medicine"

Not any food mind you. Most food in your supermarket is pre-canned, pre-packaged, full of sugar, preservatives, coloring, flavoring, and a multitude of other chemicals. This food is not suitable for human, or animal consumption.

Restaurants nowadays often add sugar, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), or other chemicals to cater for our damaged taste buds.

The Healing Foods, Herbs & Plants You Need:

Certain vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs have specific healing properties. They have the power to successfully combat the illnesses mentioned in the next chapter.

- Grapes for example are an amazing kidney tonic and a great liver cleanser
- Dates are one of the best food for a strong heart
- etc..

No need for chemicals with a long list of side effects. The medicine we suggest is available from your grocery store.

Some of the Foods That Make You Sick

The list is long. Here are some of them:

  • Corn - 90% of them are genetically modified (GM). They feed viruses
  • Eggs - number one food for viruses, and bacteria, that are the cause of 99% of cancers
  • And many, many more..

Our advice Works For Those Illnesses

If you suffer from one of these diseases, I believe that we can help you.

In alphabetical sequence:

Aches & Pains (some) - ADHD, Alzheimer, Anxiety - Autism - Bipolar disorder - Asthma (some form) - Cancers (some) - Chest tightness - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Confusion - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes Type 2 - Dizziness - Epilepsy - Esophageal spasms - Eye floaters - Fatigue - Feet tingling or numb - Fibromyalgia - Food sensitivities (new ones) - Hands tingling or numb - Hashimoto Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Hypoglycemia - Hot flashes - Insomnia (some) - Joint pains - Liver sluggishness (some) - Loss of libido - Lupus - ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) - Ménière’s Disease (most) - Memory loss (some) - Migraines (some) - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Muscle pains - Nervous system inflammation developed after thyroid problems - Neurological disorders - Osteoporosis - ParkinsonRheumatoid arthritis - Stroke - Thyroid Disorders (most) - Tinnitus - Vertigo (most) ..and many, many other illnesses.

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The consultation will last about 2 hours face to face + about 3 hours for Patrick to tailor your recommendations prior to your chat.
You will get a full written report on what to do.

One month unlimited support will be given after the consultation. 

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IMPORTANT: If you suffer from CANCER, this consultation is offered at the reduced price of €195. This is only possible as I have a tremendous amount of experience with cancer customers.

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