I cured myself of liver and large intestines cancers, and you can do it too.
Patrick Hamouy

Thousands guided back to health with Patrick's internet consultations and lectures.

90% recoveries with patrick's consultation
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MLS is an amazing natural supplement that has helped me restore the health of many of my customers. But, it's not the only wonderful product I recommend. Many other herbs and natural products have helped my clients.

These supplements will not cause any side effects. I have been taking some myself for many years.

Certain food encourages the development of diseases, and some can help you fight illness. During his consultation Patrick will guide you as to what to eat for optimum well-being and what to avoid.

Many wrongly believe that their diet is good. Since 1993 I have only met a couple of these people. All others were eating food that negatively affected their condition.

Patrick & his guide Archangel Raziel

"You are at a pre-liver cancer stage"

Those words were said to me in July 1991. They changed my life from running my computer company to being a health freak.


  • I have cured myself of  liver and large intestines cancers that subsequently developed.
  • I give consultations guided by Archangel Raziel to people all over the world using the internet. 
  • I understand cancers and many other diseases well and can guide sufferers towards recovery.
  • I have helped tens of thousands customers with my consultations, lectures, and over the internet. 

I was helped in my learning by Archangel Raziel.

International author of over 100 books and world-renowned psychic practitioner Cassandra Eason reports: 

"Patrick is  connected with ancient wisdom and the Archangel Raziel, who is said to have given the book of wisdom. More and more, from old worlds, he  recalls old healing practices relevant today. He trusts these insights for in past worlds as a teacher and healer he has spanned many cultures and bit by bit the knowledge is flowing back. 
This is the lifetime when Patrick can make a difference."

my advice Works For The following diseases

Viruses such as Coronavirus - COVID-19.

In alphabetical sequence:

Aches & Pains (some) - ADHD, Alzheimer, Anxiety - Autism - Bipolar disorder - Asthma (some form) - Cancers (some) - Chest tightness - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Confusion - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes Type 2 - Dizziness - Epilepsy - Oesophageal spasms - Eye floaters - Fatigue - Feet tingling or numb - Fibromyalgia - Food sensitivities (new ones) - Hands tingling or numb - Hashimoto Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Hypoglycaemia - Hot flashes - Insomnia (some) - Joint pains - Liver sluggishness (some) - Loss of libido - Lupus - ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) - Meunière’s Disease (most) - Memory loss (some) - Migraines (some) - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Muscle pains - Nervous system inflammation developed after thyroid problems - Neurological disorders - Osteoporosis - ParkinsonRheumatoid arthritis - Stroke - Thyroid Disorders (most) - Tinnitus - Vertigo (most) …and many, many other illnesses.

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during the consultation i will..

  1. Explain what created your disease and what to do to regain health.
  2. Make sure that you are not adding toxins to your body with your diet.
  3. Suggest that you remove certain foods that feed viruses/bacteria and allow them to grow strong.
  4. Suggest certain foods to remove toxic heavy metals, viruses, and parasites from your body.
  5. Recommend some powerful herbs and/or supplements to help you recover long-term health. These have allowed me to obtain the amazing 90% success rate recovery mentioned above.
  6. And a lot more…

Book a consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy

Immediately after you book your consultation with Patrick you will be redirected to a "Thank you" page". This means that your order has been received and Patrick will contact you within 24 hours.

Consultation format:

  1. You will be sent you a form to fill that will give Patrick the information he needs to help you. You will explain all your health problems, current medications, supplements, etc...
  2. With the above information at hand, Patrick will prepare a comprehensive, step by step, report on what you should do to regain long-term health. This report will be 15 to 20 pages long. 
  3. You will need to read my report a couple of times and write down any questions before our chat.
  4. We talk on WhatsApp (or Viber / Skype), and I answer all your questions.
  5. You are fully supported for one month. This can easily be extended at a minimal cost.

a free preliminary chat

My path in life is to help ill people. Most do not know the cause(s) of their sickness. Many diseases have only appeared in the last 100 years. Have you ever wondered what has changed that caused most of us to be sick?

If you are unwell, allow me to help you. No strings attached. We talk for about 15 minutes. I assess your disease, and I say with honesty if I believe I can help you or not.

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