I cured myself of liver and large intestines cancer, and you can do it too.
Patrick Hamouy

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Patrick & his guide Archangel Raziel

July 1991 - Nothing has ever frightened me more than those words:

"You are at a pre-liver cancer stage".

If you don't have cancer click here, I may still be able to help you.

Reading about this disease did not give me much hope as my chances of survival were 1 in 1,000. With the help of a friend who had cured herself of breast cancer, I drastically changed what I thought was a proper diet, and proceeded to educate myself on what to do to recover health. I read hundreds of books and went on a similar number of alternative therapy course.

I took life saving herbs and supplement.


  • I have cured myself of  liver and large intestines cancers (subsequently diagnosed).
  • I give consultations guided by Archangel Raziel to people all over the world using the internet. 
  • I understand cancers well, and my advice is invaluable to those who suffer from this disease. I have also helped many customers with autoimmune diseases and other so-called "incurable illnesses". 

Raziel and Patrick success rate is very high when their recommendations are strictly followed.

International author of over 100 books and world-renowned psychic practitioner Cassandra Eason reports: 

"Patrick is  connected with ancient wisdom and the Archangel Raziel, who is said to have given the book of wisdom. More and more, from old worlds, he  recalls old healing practices relevant today. He trusts these insights for in past worlds as a teacher and healer he has spanned many cultures and bit by bit the knowledge is flowing back. 
This is the lifetime when Patrick can make a difference."

an extremely Powerful Healing method

The advice that my guide Archangel Raziel gives me is decades ahead of modern medicine. His information is pure. It is untampered by pharmaceutical companies and stockholders who are mainly interested in profits.

What Archangel Raziel is saying is that our medical establishment is in darkness about many diseases. But, he knows better.

Wendy Banting

TESTIMONIAL: I was diagnosed with advanced aggressive breast cancer, and traditional medicine felt my only course of action was to take chemotherapy and radiation with the hopes of shrinking the mass enough to do surgery in the hopes of getting me 6 months.

I then changed my lifestyle by eating macrobiotic, cleansed my body of toxins, and did some emotional work that needed to be looked at. Patrick was my counsellor in eating and cleansing. He is extremely capable and knowledgeable.
I am here 8 years later, healed of my cancer, and did all of it without the use of chemotherapy, radiation or traditional surgery.

my advice also Works For The following diseases

Viruses such as Coronavirus - COVID-19.

In alphabetical sequence:

Aches & Pains (some) - ADHD, Alzheimer, Anxiety - Autism - Bipolar disorder - Asthma (some form) - Cancers (some) - Chest tightness - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) - Confusion - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes Type 2 - Dizziness - Epilepsy - Esophageal spasms - Eye floaters - Fatigue - Feet tingling or numb - Fibromyalgia - Food sensitivities (new ones) - Hands tingling or numb - Hashimoto Central Nervous System Disorders - Heart Palpitations - Hepatitis C. (primary cause) - Hypoglycemia - Hot flashes - Insomnia (some) - Joint pains - Liver sluggishness (some) - Loss of libido - Lupus - ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) - Ménière’s Disease (most) - Memory loss (some) - Migraines (some) - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Muscle pains - Nervous system inflammation developed after thyroid problems - Neurological disorders - Osteoporosis - ParkinsonRheumatoid arthritis - Stroke - Thyroid Disorders (most) - Tinnitus - Vertigo (most) ..and many, many other illnesses.

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