Surgery Chemotherapy Radiation Statistics

What do cancer specialists, researchers and doctors who branched out of modern medicine think of the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation approach?

Has it ever worked?

Is it likely to ever work?

What approach works best?

These specialists will inform you.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones -Former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley:

"Women with breast cancer who refused chemotherapy, radiation and surgery -- and remained untreated  -- lived four times longer than women who went under the knife or agreed to be poisoned with chemicals."

Debbie Loughlin

This lady was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She followed her doctor and oncologist advice. She had chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

She's written an open letter: "Dear Dr. (oncologist)".

This is a must read it if you are suffering from cancer.

1- Surgery

When your body has too much toxins from:

  • a bad diet
  • negative emotions
  • too much stress
  • environmental toxins
  • negative lifestyle

it will create its own thrash can to save your life. This is called a tumor.

Imagine removing the thrash can from your kitchen, but you keep generating thrash. Where will you put it?

You would put it all around the kitchen wouldn't you?

If a tumor is removed surgically, and you have not removed the cause of your cancer, your body will try to recreate a safe thrash can to store the toxins in. If prevented from doing so, it will spread the thrash around the body.

Click here to see what these cancer specialists think of surgery.

2- Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has an amazing lack of success with only 2.3% effectiveness over 5 years.

  • Why is it still used?
  • What are the side effects?
  • What do some doctors who branched out of modern medicine think of it?
  • What are the alternatives?

Click here to find out what specialists think of Chemotherapy.

3- Radiation

Wow! This looks good and complicated, surely it can cure my cancer. Or can it?

According to the many specialists on this web page, it does not work.

They even go as far as saying: "Radiation causes cancer."

Some Statistics

Modern Medicine currently is the third leading cause of Death in our society.

What To Do To Effectively Fight Cancer /Diseases?

Consultations ALL OVER THE WORLD using the Free Skype system

In 98% of cases, cancer is caused by a virus and this virus needs food to eat to stay alive. This food is provided by the toxins that you accumulate daily in your body. There are food (toxins) that we can control ourselves, and environmental toxins that  we cannot easily control.

We can control these:

  1. Our diet
  2.  Negative emotions and excessive stress (There are easy to use tools to minimize these)
  3. Toxic products in our environment
  4. Our lifestyle 

We need to detox from those:

  1. Mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminium, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals
  2. Plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc…

I can guide you to effectively control ALL the above and help you recover health. I specialize, and I am successful, at helping people with cancers.  You may book your consultation below:

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