the true cause of Fibroids

When I talk about the true cause of fibroids I mean what forces the body to generate fibroids.

To eliminate your fibroids, you must remove the toxic deposits in your body, and stop adding more. Those are the triggers.

To remove the cause, you need to remove the real reason why you've got fibroids using the power of foods and herbs.

the true cause of fibroids

The modern establishment is at a loss to effectively cure fibroids, but it is not that difficult

Fibroids are triggered by the food we eat, stress, negative emotions, toxins in our environment, AND...

The Epstein Barr virus that has been growing in strength since the beginning of the 20th century. It now is causing numerous heath problems. It can only be traced by your doctor if it is in your blood stream, but if it is hiding in an organ such as the liver modern testing methods will not find it.

Often, the Epstein Barr virus enters your body with Mononucleosis (Mono). Mono is transmitted through saliva or through a cough or sneeze, or by sharing a glass or food utensils with someone who has mono. Your mother may also have passed it on at birth. Once you have Epstein Barr in you, it can stay dormant for many years, but given the right toxins it will develop into fibroids, or other diseases.

If you are prepared to make some changes to your diet and take some herbal supplements, you should be able to flush fibroids out of your system in one to three months.

Modern medicine belief on fibroids

The current belief is that fibroids may be due to:

  • Genetics. Your mother, grandmother, sister or other relative had them 
  • Oestrogens or progesterone hormone
  • Too much red meat 
  • Too much alcohol 
  • Coffee
  • Etc…

As stated by Wikipedia under guidance from the medical establishment: "The exact cause of uterine fibroids is unclear".

 The above are not the true cause of fibroid, but they can be the trigger.

  • Certain food that are judged important for well-being by modern nutritionists and doctors are the true triggers to fibroids. 
  • The Consortium supporting the type of food that causes fibroids are spending millions advertising these foods as the most complete. They even tell us that they are good for our health. 
  • Fibroids are not a genetic diseaseIf your mother or sister also suffered from fibroids, it means that they also ate these foods and had the Epstein Barr virus.

Allow me to help you

As I have explained in this page, I cured myself of liver and large intestines cancers diagnosed in 1991. Since then, I have never taken any medicine. I am kept in perfect health with the power of foods and herbs.

Allow me to help you eliminate the true cause of fibroids.

If you strictly follow my recommendations, you should get rid of your fibroids in 1 to 3 months.

I will recommend some changes to your diet to remove the foods responsible for your fibroids, and introduce some foods and herbs to flush out your fibroids and effectively remove the Epstein Barr virus. 

Book a consultation with unlimited support

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Consultation format:

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  2. With the above information at hand, Patrick will prepare a comprehensive, step by step, report on what you should do to regain long-term health. This report will be 15 to 20 pages long. 
  3. You will need to read my report a couple of times and write down any questions before our chat.
  4. We then talk on WhatsApp (or Viber/Skype /Messenger/FaceTime), and Patrick answers all your questions.
  5. You are fully supported for three months. This can easily be extended at a minimal cost.
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