Vegan or Vegetarian diet is no longer good enough

Even though I consider these diets better than a diet based on protein, it is no longer enough to keep you healthy.

There are foods that can help you recover health, and foods that can make you sick. Most nutritionists (with many letters after their name) do not know what food for example can help our liver, or pancreas. Their training has been inexistent in the healing, or killing, power of foods.

They do not teach their customers about the negative impact of genetically modified foods (GMO), chemicals in the air we breathe (yes, your liver has to process these as well), natural colouring, flavouring, additives, etc..

They do not know, or do not tell, their customer that they have toxic heavy metals such as mercury, copper, cadmium, aluminium, etc.. in their body. These are impossible to avoid unless you stop breathing (not recommended).

They do not mention the harming effects of diesel fumes, BPA, insecticides, exhaust gas pollution, plastics, etc.. and what to do to remove those from our body.

Many causes to diseases

Another cause of many illnesses that is largely being ignored by modern medicine is viruses. These are responsible for the majority of cancers, but I doubt if your dietician knows what to do to get rid of a virus in your body.

Does he/she know how to remove the above mentioned toxic heavy metals that are in your body making you sick?

Are they aware that our atmosphere is saturated with harmful chemicals that cannot be avoided, but can be removed with the right foods and herbs?

Your Best bet to recover health

A consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy will guide you back to health.

Patrick will only advise you on the ultimate diet, but also on what to do to remove all these poisons from your body, and powerfully boost your immune system.

When you body is free from toxins, your immune system is strong, and you regain health.

Book a consultation with naturopath Patrick Hamouy

What Is Needed For The Consultation?

  1. An Internet connection so we can talk & see each other using either the free WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype communication system.
  2. I can give you a comprehensive one to one consultation wherever you are in the world.

The consultation will last about 2 hours face to face + about 3 hours for Patrick to tailor your recommendations prior to your chat.
You will get a full written report on what to do.

One month unlimited support will be given after the consultation. This can be renewed here.

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IMPORTANT: If you suffer from CANCER, this consultation is offered at the reduced price of €195. This is only possible as I have a tremendous amount of experience with cancer customers.

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