Cancer Is "Almost" Unavoidable

The World Health Organization (WHO) tells us that 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. WHO also tells us that there will be a 70% increase in cancers over the next 20 years.

Cancer Research UK is even less optimist. They tell us that 1 in 2 will get cancer.

For the first time ever, the life expectancy of our children will be less than ours despite "medical progresses", and I will tell you why.

What Causes Cancer?

Two hundred and fifty years ago our ancestors had tumors but they did not have cancerous tumors. Cancerous tumors only appeared with our Industrial revolution that started in the late 1700s.

Cancer in 99% of cases is a mixture of a virus, such as Epstein Barr, and toxins for the virus to feed on. 

Our environment is saturated with deadly substances such as mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, etc.. Our body also fights a daily war against plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc..

Other toxins still present, but not talked about much..

  1. DDT - banned in 1972 but still present in our atmosphere as not all countries have banned it
  2. Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters are still poisoning our body from radiation that remains in the atmosphere
  3. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs in 1945 are still feeding us with deadly toxins

All the above are favorite foods for cancers.

The food we eat is spread with dangerous chemicals. Our diet, in past centuries, used to be based mainly on fruits and vegetables. It is now mainly based on animal foods, or food products, that have been grown using even more chemicals.

With all these toxins in our body, it is normal that we eventually develop cancer. Unless we know what to do..

There Is Hope

The good news is that if you know what you are doing (I do), you can remove these toxins and virus. It's reasonably easy to do and you don't have to use harmful chemicals to do it.

I use special fruits, vegetables, supplements, herbs, spices, etc.. to remove these cancer feeding toxins and this virus out of your body. These are your healers. They can cure most diseases when you know how to use them.

Speed Up Your Healing

If your cancer is advanced, do not delay and come to see us.

Psychic surgeon Laurence Cacteng will work on your body and remove unwanted toxins, establish a proper blood and lymphatic flow and powerfully re-energize your immune system.

When this is combined with the advice I give in my 4 lectures, it gives you your best chance of recovery. I will of course explain how to remove the above mentioned toxins and virus. During the last lecture I will home in on your specific disease(s) and give you pertinent recommendations to guide you back on the path to health.

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I Can Also Help You If You Don't Want To Travel

My name is Patrick. In July 1991 I was diagnosed with liver and large intestines cancers. I joined a 2.5 years long course in Macrobiotic medicine and attended dozens of other lectures on natural health. I cured myself using the knowledge I had acquired. 

Nowadays, I have added to this knowledge with special detoxes to remove from our body the toxins and the virus that are causing cancer. This information was channeled by spirits and it is unknown to most.

If you need my help, I can help you with a consultation. I also give you unlimited support after the consultation so you can contact me any time you want and I'll always be there for you.

What Is Needed For The Consultation?

  1. Preferably an Internet connection so we can talk & see each other using either the free WhatsApp (on your cell phone) or Skype (on your computer) communication system. During the consultation, I can see you on my screen and you can see me on yours as if we were seating next to each other. 
  2. This means that I can give you a comprehensive one to one consultation wherever you are in the world.

The consultation will last about 1.5 to 2 hours face to face + about 2 hours for me to tailor your  recommendations prior to our chat.
Unlimited email and WhatsApp support will be given afterwards.

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