why a consultation with patrick

Patrick firmly believe that..

The only way you can get rid of a disease is by suppressing its cause.

Taking medicine, having surgery, chemotherapy or whatever else that is thrown at you will not remove the reason for your illness.

Let's consider cancer.

You must ask yourself the question "Why did my body create this tumour?". Having it removes surgically or poisoned with chemotherapy or radiation will not solve the problem. However, if the tumour is blocking the function of a major organ then definitely have the surgery.

There was a reason why your body created this lump that contains what your immune system was trying to put in a bag (tumour) and prevent it from spreading. Surgery does not get rid of the core reason why it happened, and if you keep making the same mistakes that created the tumour in the first place it will eventually come back.

As Albert Einstein said in his definition of Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

You need Patrick's help

If you are sick, backed up by my studies of natural therapies since 1991, I will investigate your disease and find what triggered your illness. In my consultation notes to you, I will explain why it happened, what to do to reverse your sickness and help your body recover long-term health.

To help you, I will not use any harmful chemicals with side effects.

  • I will most likely recommend some changes to your diet
  • I will recommend some herbs or supplements
  • I will guide you how to remove toxins such as mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, aluminium, nickel, cadmium and other deadly metals, plastics, radiation, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cleaning solvent, etc… from your body as those feed cancers, viruses, bacteria and cause inflammation.
  • If necessary, I will tell you how to kill any existing virus or bacteria that is affecting your well-being.
  • I will clearly explain WHY you got sick.

Patrick's invaluable helper

Similarly, as a psychic surgeon is connected to a powerful spirit to perform his operations, Patrick is linked to his spirit guide, "Archangel Raziel".

Archangel Raziel helps Patrick during his consultations to ensure that nothing is omitted to help the patient regain her/his health. This invaluable connection has helped Patrick achieve the impressive success rate mentioned below. The causes of cancer and other diseases have been explained to him.

Cassandra eason

International author of over 100 books and world-renowned psychic practitioner Cassandra Eason reports: 

"Patrick is connected with ancient wisdom and the Archangel Raziel who is said to have given the book of wisdom. More and more, from old worlds, he recalls old healing practices relevant today. He trusts these insights for in past worlds as a teacher and healer he has spanned many cultures and bit by bit the knowledge is flowing back. This is the lifetime when Patrick can make a difference."

90% recoveries with patrick's consultation
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Certain foods encourage the development of diseases, and some can help you fight illness by removing toxins from your body. During his consultation, Patrick will guide you on what to eat, and avoid for optimum well-being.

Many wrongly believe that their diet is good. Since 1993 I have only met a couple of these people. All others were eating food that negatively affected their condition.

MLS is an excellent natural supplement that has helped me restore the health of many of my customers. But it's not the only excellent product I recommend. Many other herbs and natural products have helped my clients.

These supplements will not cause any side effects. I have been taking some myself for many years.

Book a consultation with unlimited support

If you'd like Patrick to call you to discuss your condition before deciding on this consultation. Please fill in this very short form.

After you book your consultation with Patrick, you will be redirected to a "Thank you" page". This means that your order has been received and Patrick will contact you within 24 hours.

Consultation format:

  1. You will be sent you a form to fill that will give Patrick the information he needs to help you. You will explain all your health problems, current medications, supplements, etc...
  2. With the above information at hand, Patrick will prepare a comprehensive, step by step, report on what you should do to regain long-term health. This report will be 15 to 20 pages long. 
  3. You will need to read my report a couple of times and write down any questions before our chat.
  4. We then talk on WhatsApp (or Viber/Skype /Messenger/FaceTime), and Patrick answers all your questions.
  5. You are fully supported for three months. This can easily be extended at a minimal cost.
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